3D Scenery Wallpaper Collection

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Product details of 3D Scenery Wallpaper Collection

The wallpapers feature a window with mesmerizing sceneries to subdue headaches and restore peace to unsettling homes.

Advantages of Wall Stickers:   

  1. They are easily to be installed. Simply peel off from the sheet and then apply them on wall.
    2. Most of the surfaces are sufficient for this product, including wall, glass, door, partition, tiles. They work particularly the best on walls and partitions. Therefore, apart from homes, these products are widely used at cafes, boutiques, budget hotels, nurseries, showrooms, partitions during exhibitions.

    3. They are priced a lot lower than wall papers, paintings and other home decoration products, yet, they are unique and more personalized. They are therefore widely used at exhibitions such as furniture fair, clothing fair to decorate their booths as these are one of the lowest price home decorative product.

  2. They are removable. If one day you are bored with it, you can use hair dryer and blow on the sticker, then only pull them out, the painted wall will only be hurt very minimal.


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