3D Leather Panels

3D Leather Panels

It is an immitation of Leather and it is to be used on ceilings and walls for decoration and soundproofing.

  • Fire Rated
  • 3D leather panel is beautifully made product. When installed they create large-scale three-dimensional walls and ceilings. 3D Faux Leather panels are available in various colors, texture and patterns.All sides and corners are impeccably finished.
  • Panels have 3 layers: top layer – water proof Polyurethane; second layer (filler) – sound/water proof Polyurethane foam; third layer (back board) – sound proof PVC.
  • Faux Leather Panels are much more practical than wall paper and much easier to install compared to ceramic, composite or pressed paper tiles. 3D faux leather wall panels can be used in residential and commercial projects. They will work great for Home Theatres and entertainment rooms decoration due to their soundproofing qualities. Can create amazing custom headboards or accent walls installed permanently on the wall or as temporary modular panels. Trim can be added to create the look of inlaid panels.
  • Top layer – water and fire proof Polyurethane.
  • Filler – sound/water proof fire resistant Polyurethane.
  • Back board – fire and sound proof PVC.

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August 25, 2015

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