As a designer, manufacturer and raw material supplier, we have searched and compared with quite a lot of wall panels currently, and of cause, the conclusion is that MDF wall panel is quite an economic wall panel. The following are the wall panels that we choose form the market, all of them are quite popular in wall paneling industry.

3D PVC Wall Panels: 3d pvc wall panels are a little bit cheaper than mdf wall panel, it is also quite a light weight material, but they are different level in luxury, MDF wall panel is much elegant than 3d pvc wall panel.

Leather wall panel: there are two kinds of leather wall panel – modern style and classic style, personally, modern style is a kind of soft leather panel, it is more valuable than classic wall panels. However, bother of them are quite expensive compare to MDF wall panels and a series of other wall materials.
Shell Mosaic: Expensive, and most of them used for backsplashes wall tiles, they are natural bases compare to regular mosaic tiles.
3D backsplash sticker: in the market, there is a peel and stick wall tiles such as backsplash sticker, they are very easy installation, but not durable and, to be frank, the price is not cheap as well.
Wooden wall panels: as we can see, even bare wood wall panels such reclaimed pallet wood planks are expensive than MDF wall panels, only because they are solid wood?

Coconut wall panels: coconut wall panel are original in tropical natural, but the price is merely twice or even more than MDF wall panels.

MDF wall panel: MDF wall panel is the most valuable products among these wall panels, because it is cheap in price, and offering luxury feeling as well.
Of cause, all the stand of point are only represent my own feeling based on over 10 years working experience on wall industry. It is very welcome to discuss if you have different voice.